Packing for your vacation getaway can send a shockwave of emotions through your body; one minute, you’re floating on cloud nine at the thought of escaping to the mountains, and the next, you realize you have absolutely nothing prepared for your vacation. The Savoy Hotel team thinks the toughest decision you should face on your holiday should be whether or not to order that second beverage or not. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of some key items you’ll need for your visit to Nelson, BC.

Hiking/Walking Shoes

While this may not seem like a necessity, your feet will thank you later if you bring some proper footwear with you on your trip. Our hotel is located in the heart of downtown, so whether you’re scaling the side of a mountain or sightseeing in Nelson, you’ll likely be on your feet more often than not when visiting the Kootenays. You can choose a simple pair of supported sneakers, or splurge on those hiking boots with all the bells and whistles; the option is up to you. But whatever you do, don’t depend on your trusty pair of flipflops to carry you through your holiday. 


You won’t even need to leave the hotel to make use of your swimsuit during your stay at the Savoy. Thanks to our rooftop hot tub that offers scenic 360-degree views of the town, our guests can enjoy that fresh mountain air while giving themselves a chance to enter a state of full relaxation. In addition to our rooftop hot tub, Nelson is located on the banks of the beautiful Kootenay Lake, setting the stage for a beach day with your options for activities including kayaking, paddle-boarding, and canoeing. 

Reusable Takeout Containers

This item may seem a little unexpected for a list of must-haves in the mountains, but we promise once you’ve started including this in your suitcase for holidays you won’t look back. There is no shortage of places to eat in Nelson, and we can guarantee the culinary experience here will be a highlight of your trip in itself! Brimming with flavour, the restaurants in town offer a chance to support local while treating your tastebuds with every bite. Your reusable container allows you to take your leftover cuisine back to the hotel with you while remaining environmentally conscious and lowering your single-use plastic with every meal. 

A Willingness to Adapt 

You’ll come to find that the way life in the Kootenays is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. Among the pines and creeks flows a feeling of stillness that takes the form of an indescribable laid back vibe among the locals. You run on mountain time in Nelson, letting the flow simply guide you to wherever you’re meant to be next. Plan your travel itinerary, but be prepared for a drift in your schedule as you settle into the Koots lifestyle. 

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