It’s that time of year when we put away the Birkenstocks and slip on the Blundstones.

That’s probably the best way to tell that fall has rolled into Nelson, BC. There is a slight chill in the air, leaves are changing from green to gold and fire red, and the children have returned to school. Summer becomes a thing of the past, and we return to our everyday routines with our memories of summer adventure lingering in the back of our minds. However, just because summer is over does not mean that the adventure and fun stops. In Nelson, it is quite the opposite. In this post, you will discover that fall is one of the best-kept secrets on when to visit Nelson. Not all secrets can be shared though, so you will just have to find out for yourself. Here are my top five reasons to visit Nelson, BC between October and November.

Location: Morning Mountain
Photo: Ollie Jones

1. Mountain Biking

The air is clear, the dust is gone, and the rain begins to fall. The trails are in perfect condition, with just enough tack to grip those berms and stick the landings. Make sure to stop into one of Nelson’s local bike shops like Sacred Ride or Gericks Cycles and pick up your own copy of the Nelson Mountain Bike Guide. Also, check out Nelson and Kootenay Lake Tourism site for great resources.

Location: Monica Meadows
Photo: Sean Cameron

 2. Hiking

Nelson is perfectly situated in hikers paradise. Just out our back door, we have the Purcell Mountain Range, Valhalla Mountain Range, and Kootenay Pass just to name a few, catering to all types of hikers. Be sure to visit early October to see the Larches transition into beautiful golden yellow. Check out the Nelson and Kootenay Lake website for trail and hiking resources.


3. Turkey Sale & Ski Swaps

Nothing gets you more excited for the winter season than scoring some awesome deals at the annual Turkey Sale. For those of you non-skier folks, this is not where you purchase a turkey. Hosted every Thanksgiving weekend, outdoor retailers set up tents filled with heavily discounted winter gear. For all your Nordic Skiers out there, make sure to mark your calendars for the Annual Nordic Ski Swap hosted by the Nelson Nordic Ski Club.


4. Get Caffeinated

Did you know that Nelson, BC has the most cafes per capita than anywhere in BC? We take coffee seriously here, and we also take great joy in creating inviting and unique social spaces for you to enjoy the perfect cup of joe. Check out the Nelson and Kootenay Lake website for a list of all our cafes.


 5. Photography

Nelson becomes the postcard picture perfect town as the larches light up the hillsides with there golden hues, while a little dusting of snow begins to trickle its way down from the mountain peaks, and maples add a burst of red to the bustling Baker Street. Make sure to bring your telephoto lens to capture the cozy little town of Nelson from across the lake at the top of Pulpit lookout.