There are some days when you hit the slopes with all of your friends, it feels like you own the mountain.  Calling from the chairlift to the runs below, hitting jumps to the cheers of your crew, sharing stories over a glass of beer at the end of the day.  There is nothing like it.

There are also days when you head up solo. When you hear “single” being called in the lift line, you raise up your arm. Those are the chances you have to meet someone new: whether a local or a visitor, you might have a conversation that you otherwise would not have the opportunity to.  

Mountain life brings people together. If you care to spend any time in one of Nelson’s many coffee shops, cafes or restaurants, it’s not hard to identify the tribe. The puffy coats and hearty hugs give them away.  “Where are you headed?” or “Where did you go today?” are popular topics of conversation. “What’s the snow like up there?” and “Have you seen the forecast?!” are others. Everyone seems to be exploring the mountains. Everyone you meet is stoked to share their experiences, stories and wisdom. Powder fever is tangible, you can feel it in the air.

If you travel with a group already, booking a lodge to yourselves is a pretty appealing prospect. A big communal space to chill at the end of the day – a spot to take off your boots, unwind after apres beers and swap stories over who had the biggest wipe out. Even better if the lodge has a hot tub or a sauna so you can relax those aching muscles after hours and hours of swimming through powder.

But if you’re travelling solo, fear not. You can find your crew when you get here. Choosing an accommodation spot which gives you the opportunity to meet other guests, to mingle in the lounge and to chat secret stashes as you’re making toast in the morning; that’s how you find your shred buddies. Sometimes, groups get on so well that they decide to book future ski trips together. They find their tribe.

The Savoy Hotel offers the luxury backcountry lodge vibe, but right in the heart of downtown Nelson. If you’ve got a large group, you can book out all 12 rooms and suites and have the entire boutique hotel all to yourselves. Or if you’re travelling solo or in a small group, the large central guest lounge, spa, hot tub and rooftop give you plenty of chances to mingle with your future friends. Plus, when you’ve become solid buds, you can carry on your chairlift conversations late into the evening: by taking in a show with complimentary tickets to Bloom Nightclub, just downstairs.

The mountains are best when shared. So when you find your tribe, don’t let them go. After all, they might be the ones pulling you out of a tree well one day.

Written by Cath Paone, Lori Gunn & Bex Dawes

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