May 27, 2017 @ 10:00 pm – May 28, 2017 @ 2:00 am
Bloom Nightclub
198 Baker St
Nelson, BC V1L 4H2
Jake Langmuir

By now, you may have heard of Wax Romeo’s plans to move on to London, England next month. We were able to squeeze in one last visit from the world’s greatest lover on Sat Mat 27, with Lorne B of the Bass Coast Festival / Modern Math familia providing local support.. $10 advance tickets available now online!

•• Wax Romeo ••
Homebreakin Records // Main Course
Calgary, AB // soon to be Berlin, Germany

Wax Romeo is undoubtedly the world’s greatest lover, but when he’s done blowing kisses at the mirror, he can be found lining up thick grooves in the studio, or playing at his Celevrate monthly at The Hifi Club.

His father, a well-dressed thief known for carrying a cache of weapons inside a steel drum, taught Romeo about marauding and defrauding at a very early age. Since then, he’s fleeced more fools than The North Face, stealing whatever he can, including the Golden Titty, which belonged to the dangerous Jamaican “Blouse an’ Skirt Posse.”

Having collected funk and disco records since he was just a yute, it wasn’t long till he figured out just how small bits of those records fit nicely on the 16 pads of his MPC 2000xl; and subsequently, how to rearrange those bits of records onto new records of their own.

Then came DJing with his new pals, the Smalltown DJs. Flash forward a few years, and this dummy’s played with all kinds of people, all over North America, including the Shambhala Music Festival (Canada), The Rub and Flashing Lights (NYC), SXSW (Austin), and Mexico.

When he’s not writing self-congratulatory bio’s, or sleeping with his socks on, Monsieur le Romeo continues his quixotic journey through the landscape of house, disco, and techno, armed only with a winning smile and delusional self-confidence. If your party needs some step, Wax Romeo will get here fast, driving his empty brown limousine in the carpool lane. Get aroused.

•• Lorne B ••

A purveyor and selector of underground dance music in Western Canada, Lorne B hails from Calgary and has been pushing community and sound for over a decade . Lorne B continues to contribute to a number of projects which include Slivers and Bass Coast Project. Known to run the gauntlet of genres for the dancefloor, Lorne B plays sets that vary within the sound of electronic+house+ dub music. He has played alongside dance music heavyweights at home and abroad and will continue to be an ambassador to Western Canada’s underground scene.

• Doors 10pm
• $10 advance tickets available online
• $4.50 highballs or draft sleeves c/o The Savoy Hotel Brewing Co, $7.50 doubles until 11:30pm
• Powered by PK Sound
• 19+

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