May 14, 2016 @ 10:00 pm – May 15, 2016 @ 2:00 am
Bloom Nightclub
198 Baker St
Nelson, BC V1L 4H2
Jake Langmuir

The Five Trick Pony crew is reuniting at Bloom Nightclub!

Comprised of DJs Breakfluid (Vancouver, Shambhala Music Festival / The Living Room Stage / Flyer Trap), Grandpa Phunk (Kaslo, Deeply Rooted), Braden Early (Nelson, Flyer Trap /Deep), and live PA artist Andrew Fi (Nelson, Bot & Badger), the FiveTrick crew was founded on a common love and respect for emotional and well-produced music, with each of us digging deeply into beats coming from every corner of the electronic music soundscape. Born at an East Shore bush party in 2007, FiveTrick has been bringing rare grooves to the kootenays ever since through a steady line of club nights and renowned dance parties.

In a predictable time of genres and beat selecting, this crew is always blurring lines while bringing the freshest tracks you will only hear if you get your butts to the Bloom… Ever wondered if it’s possible to hear quality music the whole time you’re out for a night of dancing? Well it’s possible, and we’ll happily prove it. Why? Because hips don’t lie people…

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•• Breakfluid ••

5 trick pony crew founder and Shambhala beach stage resident, breakfluid, has been searching out and playing deep, diverse, catchy, accessible, cutting edge, futuristic, soulful, genre defying tracks for 20 years, and has an uncanny ability to weave his way through multiple genres every set he plays. He is also known for sharing his beats regularly in and around Nelson, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. His unique and rare track selections have enabled him to share the stage with huge talents and fellow music lifers, Bonobo (ninja tune / TruThoughts), J. Boogie (om records), Mad Professor (ariwa sounds), Gift of gab (Quannum/Anti), Dj Vadim (ninja tune/BBE), El Papa Chango (el circo), Sabo (Sol Selectas), Kastle (Symbols). In a time of one dimensional dj’s, breakfluid takes pride in not being pinned to any certain genre or trend that seems to be “hot” at the moment and would rather just focus on well produced music in general. “There’s so much good music being made in so many different genres, why not play all of it”? “Zeroing in on one genre or trend makes little sense to me because trends come and go but quality music lives beyond trends. And you can still grab the best tracks from the trends and play those too. I love collecting tracks that have a timeless feel to them, always making sure I am playing tracks that will stand the test of time… Like playing older tracks that still feel fresh to this day, you can’t beat it..” Come check out a Canadian heavy weight beat digger with styles for miles!

“In a culture where it’s all too easy to caught in the swell of latest genre, style, or sounds due to not much more than novelty, selectors like breakfluid are invaluable to cultural integrity. Artists who dig high and low through every category and “genre” with no rock left unturned with an ear to the ground for one thing – Quality, raw, inspirational, soul filled music”.
-Neil Johnson [OneFest]

•• Grandpa Phunk (The Soul Selector) ••

A product of the Kootenays, Grandpa Phunk is a selector of all music with the vibe of Funk and Soul, naturally gravitating towards sounds that are either uplifting or full with emotive depth. Throughout over a decade of collecting music and DJing across BC, he’s been committed to playing music that he loves.

•• Braden Early ••

With well over a decade spent honing his craft, Braden Early of Nelson BC is quickly becoming a true staple in the West Coast house music scene. Originally from Edmonton AB, Braden was resident DJ at the Level 2 Lounge in the early 2000’s. It was here that his spacious, melodic house and techno style would unfold. A sound that he would then expose party goers to at clubs and outdoor festivals across Western Canada. With Braden’s lifelong love of classic house, detroit techno, 80’s electro and disco, his sophisticated, modern take on music comes as no surprise. So if quality, cutting edge house and techno are your thing, do yourself a favour and check out one of Braden Early’s sets. Your ears will thank you.

•• Andrew Fi ••

Andrew has been composing & performing strictly on hardware for the past 15 years. Within a year of purchasing his first drum machine in 2001, he began finding success in Calgary’s burgeoning electronic music scene, with weekly live performances and a record deal that lead to a worldwide vinyl release. Re-locating to the Kootenays in 2004, Andrew performed under several handles (gnome / Kaida Kid / Frybot) before joining forces with the Five Trick Pony crew in 2007. The Andrew Fi sound combines crafty beats with heartfelt melodies and is always executed live on the drum machines & synthesizers they were composed on.

• Doors 10pm
• $8 before 11pm / $10 after
• $4.50 draft sleeves (Faceplant, Harvest Moon) or highballs, $7.50 doubles until 11:30pm
• Powered by PK Sound
• 19+

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